New Zealand has some of the most amazing hunting in the world. Our spectacular landscapes and open country make hunting here a truly unique experience. Alps Outfitters offers you the chance to pursue a wide range of wild species in a number of beautiful locations across the country. Red deer, fallow deer, chamois and Himalayan tahr hunts are all available along with our expertise to help you on the hunt of a lifetime.

GUIDE | Ben May

Ben grew up in the rural town of Murchison in the South Island of New Zealand. His father Perry was in the game recovery industry and so hunting was in the blood from a young age. Ben has been a passionate hunter all his life and is extremely experienced in hunting across the country and securing some phenomenal trophies in a wide variety of species. Ben is a professional rugby player as well as a hunting guide and is extremely proud to have represented the Maori All Blacks for many years and racked up over 100 Super Rugby games throughout his career.

Ben is an experienced guide with a great understanding of the species and their habits. He has a fairly relaxed style and light hearted character and will do everything in his power to give you the most enjoyable experience possible on your hunt.  

Guide | Adam Hill

Adam was born and bred in the “deep South”. He grew up listening to his grandfathers’ stories of him and his brothers living in the bush and making a living from deer culling, meat recovery and possum trapping. He spent those early years with a rimfire rifle in his hands and hunting was a way of life from the start. After a stint playing professional rugby alongside Ben, he turned his attention back to his home at the foot of the Alps in the South where he now manages a high-country station.

Adam is also an extremely experienced hunter and has an impressive back catalogue of amazing hunting experiences and wild trophies to his name. He is a truly down to earth character and as a guide has a knack for making the hardest hunts seem easy. He will take you on a fun hunt and help you create some of your best hunting memories.   


Alps Outfitters primarily operates in two key areas. The first is a huge South Island station set in the Southern Alps mountain range. This property hosts solid numbers of wild Red Deer, Fallow Deer and Himalayan Tahr. The animals on this property are managed to a very high standard and as such some phenomenal trophies in all three species are harvested every year. The Southern Alps is a truly beautiful part of the world with a prehistoric feel. The share scale of the landscape is something special and every hunter should experience a hunt in this area at some point in their lives.

The second property is located in the Wairarapa in the North Island. This property is approximately 7,000 acres of deer heaven. The hilly property is a mix of scrub and open grass making for perfect deer stalking country. This location is mainly used for meat hunting and management stag purposes with fat tasty venison on tap for those who are wishing to fill the freezer. Both Fallow and Red deer thrive here and can be hunted year round.


We will pick you up or meet you at the hunting destination and from there we will make sure everything else is organized for your hunt. We will provide all the food, gear, and accommodation. We will also process your meat and trophies for you unless you wish to take them with you immediately. We will tailor your hunt to meet your personal needs, this may include entertainment and “town” accommodation for the family if needed, down time, fishing, additional transport organization etc. Just let us know what you want and we’ll see if we can sort it for you.

During the hunt we will aim to achieve all of your goals. There is going to be some work involved but that’s hunting and you wouldn’t want it to be too easy anyway. Most of the day will be spent in the hills hunting, in the evening we will have a warm hut or house accommodation to sleep in, and we’ll provide the meals and drink.